new times,
new challenges,
new communication

times have changed and society is changing faster than ever

times have changed, society is changing faster than ever. it is changing throughout the world. the way in which we deal with situations has changed. the way in which we understand the things that surround and affect us has changed. our leisure time, our work, finance, travel, our relationships, collective power… it’s all changed… nothing will ever be the same again. consumerism and the way we choose to consume is ever-changing.

we live in a time of new challenges… challenges which help give an impulse to sectors such as commerce, industry and communities which have been damaged by the economic crisis or don’t know how to adapt to this new age. one of the key drivers of this change is communication. without communication there is no change. so why do we continue with a style of communication that neither reflects nor adapts to these new times? why do we continue with the same formulas of passive communication addressed to the masses? don’t these formulas belong to the last century? where is the new communication for the new economy and the new age?

the new communication focuses on the individual.

the new communication has to talk face to face and not to the general public… not even to a segmented and targeted audience. the new communication is directed to people: to the individual. the new communication will reflect how to be more caring, how to put your ideas into practice, how to consume more responsibly and how to respond to the changes that affect us. the new communication asks the individual to interact with an idea or a brand or an environment.

this individual interaction is not limited to traditional channels… not even solely digital channels, but the entire environment. the new communication wants the individual to touch, smell, feel, experience and form part of a new ideal. from peeling a label off a packet to being part of a online community… the new communication is based on interaction. the new communication will focus on the individual’s needs. this is why the new communication agency is called YOU:

YOU faces the challenge of the new communication and the challenge of providing solutions that help people with their own ideas. YOU wants to seek solutions with the head and the heart: rational and emotional. we do not know in advance which will be the solution to a challenge… but we know that if we surprise ourselves, the individual will also be surprised. YOU is you, whoever you are: the client, the employee, the individual, the person watching TV or the person connected to the Internet. YOU will not talk about YOU: we will speak to the person in front of us.

YOU & ME: together we will create new brand experiences, full of meaning and value in every step and on every channel.

YOU: Brand User Experience