3rd October 2015

Oh, you missed it? Well in this “Make your brand User Friendly” workshop we learnt all about how stakeholders and brands interact with each other.
Firstly we asked “Who is your brand’s audience? (there’s more than one)” and then went on to learn how to identify, prioritize and discover what stimulates each of them.
In the second part of the workshop we “mapped out” the interrelationships between the band and its stakeholders in a “Brand eco-system” chart. In order to do this, each team assumed the role of a type of brand; either product, service, experience or idea, the eco-system method worked well for each one.
The next workshop “Get your brand closer to people” we will learn how to create “personas” of our top 2 stakeholders, discover how user interacts with the brands systematically and emotionally and identify all your brand’s touchpoints (and discover what to do with them).
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