3rd June 2016

Brand the Gap (the Spanish Branding community of which Agencia YOU is one of the founders and organizers) kicked off its first workshop “Touchpoints and Customer Experience”* given by John Williamson (Agencia YOU’s Owner and Creative Director). As the participants arrived we soon noticed that we had an overbooking situation, but once all were accommodated we hung the “House Full” sign and began the workshop. To begin with John briefly explained what Brand Touchpoints are and how the “Brand User Experience” methodology not only helps identify the most relevant ones, but aids in creating a brand’s “WOW! Touchpoints”.

Using an example of a real company, 3ike recumbent cycles, the participants were grouped into teams of 3 or 4 and performed the series of exercises where they had to find 3ike’s Brand Touchpoints. The last exercise of the workshop was to create the best WOW! Touchpoints. In the end we had 2 winners who’s mise en scène was as important as the originality, relevance and impact of their ideas.

The really important thing was that participants apart from learning new Branding techniques also enjoyed the experience of “Learning by Doing” in teams. Judging by the comments received through different channels, it seems that participants were satisfied with the workshop. Here are a couple of comments that prove that it’s not us who’s saying that Brand the Gap’s first Workshop has been a succes:

“Great workshop, great people and a lot of motivation to create kick-ass brands through user experience” Miki
“A very useful and entertaining workshop. Thank you all!” Rafael
“Please continue like this, you’ve made me think and learn! (it’s what I value the most!)” Ana

* Touchpoints and Customer Experience is part of the Brand Team Experience by Agencia YOU. Brand Experience Team is an “in-company” training course where Marketing, Corporate Communications, Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility teams quickly learn the latest Branding techniques. Want to know more about this training course? click here:


Thanks to Miguel Muñoz, Eleonora Barone y Jack Vincent for their comments, photos and for being great attendees

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